Stop forgetting names.
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Everyone needs to remember names and faces. Name Shark is the app to help you do it.
“Using a person’s name is crucial, especially when meeting those we don’t see very often. Respect and acceptance stem from simple acts such as remembering a person’s name and using it whenever appropriate.”
—Dale Carnegie
Group Screens
Be able to remember the names of people you should know.
Name Shark allows you to easily create and memorize groups of people. This app is perfect for:
  • Event planners and staff who need to remember VIPs or attendees at an event
  • Sales people who want to remember clients
  • CEO’s, executives, or managers who need to remember employee names
  • Teachers who need to remember students’ names at the beginning of a term/semester
  • Sports fans who want to remember names, faces, and details about players and coaches
  • Little league coaches who want to remember names of players and parents
  • Any member of a church, club, or organization that needs to remember names and faces of other members
Quiz Screens
A variety of quiz modes makes name memorization fun.
Name Shark helps you learn names four different ways:
  • Self Practice
  • Faces Quiz
  • Names Quiz
  • Details Quiz
Share Screens
Share groups with other users.
There’s no need for everyone in your organization to duplicate work. Name Shark allows you to easily share your groups*, publicly or privately, or search and download groups made by other users.
* Sharing of groups and password protection is available as an in-app-purchase. Downloading of all groups, public and private, is free to all users.